Jewood is a lifestyle brand that dreams of a culture that conveys comfort and nature's mood in everyday life. I would like to bring you a rest of your mind from the smell of the green forest that you dream of sometimes getting out of your daily life. It is not special, but a pleasant daily life in nature, comfort and softness. Jewood Cosmetics, Beauty Connected to the Forest

jewood daily care cleansing oil 150ml

jewood daily care cleansing oil 150ml

jewood daily gel cleanser 220ml

jewood daily gel cleanser 220ml

jewood daily gel celnser 220ml

jewood daily gel celnser 220ml

Jewood means a small forest containing jewels.

you can always meet a small forest in your daily life and find comfort,

Just focus on me,

To make you feel comfortable in your tired daily life,

through the scent of nature

It creates a deeper and new force.


쥬드는 보석을 담은 작은 숲을 의미합니다.

쥬드와 함께하는 당신이 언제나 일상속에서 작은 숲을 만나 편안함을 찾을 수 있도록,

오롯이 나에게 집중하도록,

피곤한 일상에서 편안하도록,

자연의 향을 매개로

보다 깊고 새롭게 힘을 만들어줍니다.

Essense, Daily life depicting comfort

Our daily lives where we see, hear, talk, and pour out countless amounts of energy. Sensitive, we hide deep inside endlessly.

Products, For sensitive skin. 

Jewood is sincere in product development with an ideal recipe with less irritation to the skin. Introducing a range of cleansing skincare products that soften the start and end of the day.

Slogan, Start cleansing with the forest.

Jewood, a lifestyle beauty brand that delivers comfortable forests in everyday life

Green forest, jewood for rest.

Jude is a lifestyle brand that conveys nature for the most comfortable time in everyday life. For you who are challenging new things that are different from familiarity For you who discover new tastes that you haven't known before

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